Every choice has a ripple effect so choosing how you show up                           is important to your customers, you and the people around you. 


Transform Your Business

Superior service is known to stimulate client loyalty, growth and referrals. Great culture is known to stimulate productivity. 

Despite the positive evidence surrounding these two topics, getting them "right" remains challenging for many organisations both big and small.  I can help in a variety of ways. 


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"Having a trained customer service professional look at our business with fresh eyes  broadened our minds about where we should be heading and what was possible." 


“Greg has been able to help me achieve in a very short period, a real shift in paradigm, knowledge, skill and attitude."

Coaching Customer

"Your visit and conclusions have opened some eyes and brought our project back on track as a company wide culture change exercise."

Jotun Paints

"We all thought your keynote presentation was excellent! The messages we needed to get through were delivered in a very meaningful and impactive way."

Surrey Police


Service excellence pays for itself because:

Customers raving about you on social media will generate leads


55% of customers will pay more to guarantee better service


Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers


Your NPS Promoters will happily recommend you - referral win rates are 50-70%



We should talk if you have:


Low customer satisfaction scores

When your customers tell you they're unhappy it's time to act.

Low engagement scores

Happy staff = Happy customers. If there's friction between colleagues and departments then your culture is likely to impede rather than empower. 

Disappointing commercial metrics

Low win rates and higher rates of churn or credits can be symptomatic of underlying customer experience issues. 





What I Can Do for Your Business And Staff...



Team Training

I create tailored workshops that address the key issues and create a platform for positive change. From customer service basics to leading with purpose I can build content that is tailored to you. 

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1-to-1 Coaching

Personal development is key to progress, I draw upon personal transformation and performance coaching techniques to help your key staff be more self-aware and more effective across a range of scenarios.

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Customer Service Training in UK



Facilitating Healthy Culture

Getting clear on your vision, values and ethos is the first step. When you define operational tasks, behaviours and measures that are aligned with this you also create a platform to actualise your vision. I can help you build a purpose led organisation and start reaping the benefits of a healthy and dynamic culture. 

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Operational Excellence

When the service operation fails to evolve in line with customer needs then friction and aggravation will arise for staff and customers alike. I can map your customer journey and create an action plan to address the causes of operational friction.

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Blended Approach

Sometimes a variety of inputs are required to unlock service excellence. I can blend coaching and training while working to deliver programmatic change to ensure that we’re covering multiple aspects of the service operation and culture.

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 Customer Service Training in UK




Customer Service Training in UK


Customer Service Training in UKCustomer Service Training in UK Customer Service Training in UKCustomer Service Training in UK