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Customer Service Training UK
Customer Service Training UK

   The Service Excellence story:

At Service Excellence we know that customer service has the potential to deliver improved commercial results and competitive advantage.  But it goes deeper than this because creating delight nourishes EVERYONE involved.  It's a win/win. 

The same win/win is true for culture. Creating a work environment that inspires, empowers and energises your staff will ultimately yield superior business performance.

Who we are

Greg Segal

Greg Segal Service Excellence



As long as I can remember it's been important that I make a positive difference in the world. During my time as a Sales and Service leader I learned the mechanics and nuances of the corporate environment, but more importantly how to build a strong culture and teams that deliver results. 

My passion is in developing people and the culture of the organisation they work in.  When organisations commit themselves to the authentic pursuit of a superior employee and customer experience then they will also engineer success and satisfaction...FOR EVERYONE!

I like to roll up my sleeves and bring a hands-on consulting approach to your unique challenges/aspirations. I want to see you win!

Lisa McWilliam

Customer Service Training in UK 



Lisa has had the privilege of leading some of the top global creative businesses. She has managed diverse teams and talent across multiple markets and departments.

Her experience as CEO, MD and General Manager have enabled her to get a first-hand deep understanding about the importance of world- class leadership and the power, productivity and passion of a high-performance team.

Lisa’s innovative and win/win mentality means that we’re able to deliver positive results no matter the situation and her commercial experience will help create the link between evolution and business benefits. 

 Annalisa O'Rourke

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An accomplished C-level leader and service enthusiast, Annalisa brings expertise in implementing, maintaining and sustaining robust performance frameworks. 

Delivering operational change is something that motivates her. She has a talent for quickly getting to grips with the moving parts of any service operation and then recommending options to implement and measure effective change. 

Annalisa is also passionate about organisational culture. Helping teams and individuals to become their best, confident and collaborative selves is a fundamental part of her approach. 

Michelle Wolfswinkel 

Customer Service Training in UK



As a PhD Candidate in Business Brand Management and a seasoned instructional designer in people development for leading brands, Michelle brings a rich blend of academic expertise and business experience.  

Michelle's career progression from training room to  boardroom positions her well to craft strategically-aligned learning programmes. Her niche lies in instructional design for online or remote learning platforms.

At heart, Michelle is a writer. With her insight into the domains of both business branding and people development, Michelle's writing allows the deeply human side of brand, marketing and business management to come to life in business results.




You and your business are full of untapped potential that just needs the right intervention to harness it...

                                         ...that's where we come in.

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What we do 

Find Solutions

If you have poor customer service results, declining revenue or a culture of apathy, you may know something is wrong, but you might not have a clear path to resolving it. We will work with you to design a plan to address the areas that need reform. 

Business Coaching | Service Excellence 

Effective Change

Companies trust us because we make a difference, and we do it quickly. We believe in connecting with employees to embed new skills and behaviours that deliver lasting positive change and tangible results.

Training & Coaching | Service Excellence


Mindset Shift

We want to inspire people’s imaginations. Our training, coaching, facilitation and advisory services will draw upon the operational elements but also stimulate the hearts and minds of your employees so that they too, are totally invested in the customer experience that your company provides.


Struggling to juggle transformation projects with your existing workload?

We can be an extension to your team that you can leverage
to bring transformation ideas to fruition. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you to achieve. 

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