Every choice has a ripple effect, and that’s true across business and society.


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Service excellence is known to stimulate client loyalty, growth and referrals. Therefore investing in a customer service operation that keeps customers happy makes commercial sense.  Building a culture of excellence will also serve your entire business and accelerate success. 


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"Having a trained customer service professional look at our business with fresh eyes        broadened our minds about where we should be heading and what was possible." 


“Greg has been able to help me achieve in a very short period, a real shift in paradigm, knowledge, skill and attitude."

Coaching Customer

"Your visit and conclusions have opened some eyes and brought our project back on track as a company wide culture change exercise."

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Service excellence pays for itself because:

Customers raving about you on social media will generate leads


55% of customers will pay more to guarantee better service


Repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers


Your NPS Promoters will happily recommend you - referral win rates are 50-70%



Does Your Organisation Need Customer Service Training?


Bad customer satisfaction scores

Unsurprisingly, this is the biggest clue of all. Implementing a Continuous Improvement Program alongside Net Promoter Score or other customer satisfaction platform will help you target the areas of greatest friction first.

Frustrated employees

Perhaps it’s not just your customers who are unsatisfied. If capable staff aren’t empowered to deliver superior results then management might be in need of coaching.

Key commercial metrics

Low win rates and higher rates of churn or credits can be symptomatic of underlying customer experience issues.  It's key to understand the behaviours behind the metrics.

Failing on the basics

If it’s taking too long or excessive inputs are needed to get basic tasks completed then your systems and processes potentially need a fresh approach. 


Culture of apathy

Unanswered phones, slow response times, poor attention to detail, continual failures, teams working in silos all contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere that needs to be addressed appropriately.


What I Can Do for Your Business And Staff...



Team Training

I create tailored workshops that address the key issues then support your team as they put teaching into practice. This blended approach of theory and practice is the best way to embed new skills on the front line.

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1-to-1 Coaching

Personal development is key to progress, I draw upon personal transformation and performance coaching techniques to help your key staff be more self-aware and more effective across a range of scenarios.

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Customer Service Training in UK



Facilitating Healthy Culture

Great culture depends on a very specific set of “ingredients” that most companies simply don’t have in place. It’s worth pursuing though because cultures that foster open communication, cooperation, innovation and a win/win mentality can achieve the extraordinary. I can help you address toxic behaviours and start building a vibrant and generative culture.

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Positive Change Programs

When the service operation fails to evolve in line with customer needs then friction and aggravation will arise for staff and customers alike. I will work with you to identify challenges in the customer experience and find a way forward that delivers effective change.

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Bespoke Interventions

Sometimes what is required to unlock service excellence is an integrated approach. I can blend coaching and training while working to deliver programmatic change to ensure that we’re covering multiple aspects of the service operation.

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The journey towards Service Excellence is rewarding on multiple levels. It’s not always straight    forward though and a fresh perspective and helping pair of hands can help get positive change  initiatives over the line so let's chat.                                                                                                           

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 Customer Service Training in UK




Customer Service Training in UK