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The Service Excellence story:

Most of my early career was in sales, I loved the buzz but noticed how organisations placed all emphasis on “hitting the number”. The method was of less importance and customer satisfaction was somewhat irrelevant as long as the deals got done. I found myself at odds with this mentality but suspected that all companies were the same.

When I did join a company that put its customers and employees at the centre of their success strategy it was like I’d stumbled out of the wilderness and into the promised land. It had a profoundly good culture thanks to some inspiring leaders and individuals. In this dynamic environment I got the chance to build and lead teams and it’s where I learned the mechanics of exceptional culture and service.

We won many awards and companies of all types would approach us for guidance and mentoring. I was the guy that met with them to understand their customer operation and help them raise their game. These engagements were even more enjoyable than my day job so when it came time to leave, I knew I wanted to focus my time on helping organisations build better culture and customer operations.


Customer Service Matters

Customer service matters, not only because it has a significant effect on commercial performance but also because creating delight nourishes EVERYONE involved.  It truly is a win/win. 

Building a customer operation that routinely delights is hard.  Some don't bother and others lurch from one change initiative to the next but deliver no meaningful change. 

Delivering service excellence requires commitment, investment and people who can navigate the turbulent waters of organisational change. I can help.

Customer Service Training in UK



You and your business are full of untapped potential that needs the right environment to harness it -

That's where I come in.

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 Customer Service Training in UK

Find Solutions

If you have poor customer service results, declining revenue or a culture of apathy, you may know something is wrong, but you might not have a clear path to resolving it. I will work with you to diagnose what’s working and what’s not, and then design a plan to address the areas that need reform. Customer service training can be delivered as a stand alone or part of a wider program of service evolution. 

 Customer Service Training in UK

Effective Change

Companies trust me because I make a difference, and I do it quickly. I believe in connecting with employees to deliver tangible results. My services help to embed new skills and behaviours that deliver positive and long lasting change.

Customer Service Training in UK



Mindset Shift

I want to inspire people’s imaginations. My training, coaching, facilitation and advisory services will draw upon the operational elements but also stimulate the hearts and minds of your employees so that they too, are totally invested in the customer experience that your company provides.


Struggling to juggle transformation projects with your existing workload?

Think of me as an extension to your team that you can leverage to bring transformation ideas to fruition.