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My Approach To Achieving Customer Service Excellence 

Delivering service excellence requires the seamless integration of multiple systems, tools, processes and people. I can make a positive and tangible difference by delivering team training, 1-to-1 coaching, assessment and advisory services, facilitation, change programs and bespoke interventions to get every element of your organisation on the same page and working towards the same goal.

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Customer Service Training in UK



Team Training

I deliver customer service training courses that are aimed at highlighting: the importance of customer service, response quality, the foundations of great service, building a culture of service excellence and taking responsibility for delivering positive outcomes. I also deliver a range of bite-sized training courses. These are 25% theory (delivered to the group) and 75% practice (side by side with individuals) which are particularly effective for embedding new skills. Courses cover a range of topics from call handling to account planning.





1-to-1 Coaching

I have delivered several thousand hours of performance and personal development coaching. This is effective for unlocking confidence, clarity and awareness for both leaders and front line staff. Just about everyone I've worked with battles some kind of self-limiting beliefs and habits and these often reflect in their work. For example, sales people with low confidence can avoid engaging senior-level contacts, struggle to deliver presentations and are also more likely to volunteer discounts in order to win deals. Coaching helps people to develop a fresh approach and gives them the tools to raise their performance both inside and outside of work.



Customer Service Training in UK



Business Transformation

Focused on optimising the service operation, I will analyse what's working and what's not and present you with my observations and recommendations. I will help you design and implement positive change wherever it's needed in the customer journey.

My work includes: Customer Journey Mapping, sales optimisation, graduate development, account planning, Net Promoter Score (NPS), continual improvement programs, restructuring, hiring talent and building on boarding frameworks.






Facilitating Healthy Culture

Like the ripples that radiate from a water droplet, every person’s behaviour will have an impact on others. Culture is a reflection of the prevailing behaviours and environment. I facilitate interactive team building sessions that encourage openness, trust and cooperation – these are the building blocks of a healthy culture.





Bespoke Interventions

Often a blended approach is what is required to unlock service excellence. Where a total overhaul is required, for example, I can assist with hiring, building on-boarding programs and coaching leaders through positive change programs. By the end of our engagement, I will have helped you make a “shift” that should set you on a path for continued service excellence.

I am passionate about positive transformation so can appreciate that deciding to take action is a significant step. I invite you to give me a call 07950 842 602 or send me a message so we can discuss how customer service training can help you.










Engagement Process

I've been delivering positive change over many years and it's safe to say that the process for getting started is quite simple.

Step 1 - You've realised that it's time to take action.

Step 2 - We explore your situation and solution options.

Step 3 - We agree a scope of work, timelines and terms.

Step 4 - I get stuck in and start helping you get where you need to.


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