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Service Excellence offer Team Training, 121 Coaching & Business Transformation

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Team Training 

Customer Satisfaction | Business Coaching | Service Excellence

Service Excellence training courses are engaging, interactive and give attendees plenty to take away and apply to their role. *Covid-19 update - courses are now delivered over Zoom

Courses include:

The DNA of Service Excellence - Exploring the foundations and importance of great customer service, this course is for anyone customer facing.

Transformational Leadership - this course supports leaders aiming to deliver transformational change and a shift in behaviour/performance.

Coaching For Results - when your managers are able to support staff using a coaching approach they will enhance team performance and morale. I provide the tools and guidance needed to be an effective coach.


Mental Resilience - sharing lessons learned from mental breakdown and the recovery process I talk openly about my own struggles with mental illness. Participants leave with techniques that not only help them achieve greater mental resilience but tools and awareness to support others.

Culture of Excellence - sometimes employees just need a little inspiration and guidance on how to be more positive and effective. I will take the time to learn what's undermining your culture and deliver a workshop that helps you move forward positively. 

Crucial Conversations - provides tools to help people communicate more authentically and effectively...especially through the icky stuff!

Selling with Heart - this course is focussed on increasing sales success by earning trust and using your status of "trusted advisor" to ask better questions and deliver more compelling proposals. 


I help people develop a fresh approach and the tools to raise their performance both inside and outside of work.

Blending techniques from performance coaching and personal development I support individuals in the following ways:

 - Unlocking self-esteem and self-assurance

 -  Defining your personal mission in life so you can lead with purpose

 - Developing awareness of your strengths, challenges and "blind spots"

 - Overcoming self-limiting beliefs and creating habits that support success

 - Defining career goals and the path to achieving these

- Stepping into fear to unlock personal transformation

- Creating the fulfilment and work/life balance you’ve always wanted

Employee friction | Coaching for Business


 Business Transformation


Vision and Values Facilitation

Working with leaders I help them get clarity on their vision and bring it to life through a compelling narrative. A strong and clearly articulated ethos will help you attract talent, motivate and engage your staff and differentiate you from your competitors.

Vision Actualisation Framework

In order for a vision statement to manifest it needs to be embedded within your workforce's objectives and measures. I will build a framework that helps you measure what's important and ensure that staff are pulling in the same direction.

Culture Baseline Report

Any culture transformation project requires an honest look at what's working and what's not. This report will highlight the themes within your culture and provide recommendations on creating an optimum work environment.

Talent Optimisation

I will help you develop your hiring practices, on boarding and learning frameworks but will also help your managers safeguard standards by becoming proficient in coaching and performance management.

Customer Journey Mapping

Analysing the entire customer journey will reveal areas of friction and establish how processes and systems need to be adapted in order to provide customers with an experience that delights.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

This is the best benchmark for any organisation looking to differentiate through service. I will help you build your NPS and Continuous Improvement Programs so that you can start earning customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Coaching for Dysfunctional teams | Business Training


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My Approach To Achieving Customer Service Excellence 

Delivering service excellence requires the seamless integration of multiple systems, tools, processes and people.

I can make a positive and tangible difference by delivering team training, 1-to-1 coaching, assessment and advisory services, facilitation, change programs and bespoke interventions to get every element of your organisation on the same page and working towards the same goal.


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