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 "We all thought your keynote presentation was excellent! The messages we needed to get through were delivered in a very meaningful and impactful way." 

Head of Criminal Justice, Surrey PoliceCorporate training | Service Excellence


 “We found your visit exceptionally helpful. Having a trained customer service professional look at our business with fresh eyes broadened our minds about where we should be heading and what was possible. We look forward to working with you in the future and building on the new ideas.” 

VP Enterprise, T-Systems

 “I found it extremely valuable to hear your comments and to learn about your experience of creating a culture of customer centricity and high performance.”

Head of HR, AXA Insurance   
Customer Centricity | Service Excellence


  “Thank you so much for spending time with us - your visit and conclusions have opened some eyes and brought our project back on track as a company wide culture change exercise - which is what I originally was trying to achieve.” 

Managing Director, Jotun Paints
Culture transformation | Service Excellence



 “I found Greg to be very informative, motivational and professional in his approach when he delivered customer service training on how I could most effectively instil our company values within Greg has excellent communication skills as well as the ability to encourage different ideas and approaches to various situations from his audience. I would have no reservations in recommending Greg to facilitate discussions within companies in order to enhance business results.” 

Head of HR, GoCompare



  “Greg was instrumental in creating one of the greatest work cultures I have ever seen whilst at Rackspace. Some people's job is to ensure excellence through inspiration. For companies that "out care" their competitors when it comes to customers/employees they always have a Greg Segal in the background. When I set up my own company, Greg really helped me get the vision and ethos right.” 

CEO, Buyerdeck


 “We thought we had a pretty good idea of our vision and market-fit until we met Greg. I now see my business in a totally different way thanks to Greg's critical analysis of our market and exactly how our product fits into it. He has the ability to bring together the challenges and the solutions and then provides a simplified strategy that everyone in the organisation can buy into and action. Best of all, there's no fluff, just straight-talking output.” 

CEO, NoAgent
Customer Service Training in UK


Personal coaching | Service Excellence



 “I, like Greg believe we have a responsibility to not only provide support and guidance in work, we also have a responsibility to help our fellow colleagues to become better, more appreciative of those around them.  In so doing we can help them to become better brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers." 

Coaching Client


 "Looking deeper into myself and my life both past and present has allowed me to identify certain behaviours that I have here at work. By understanding this behaviour and how it translates in the workplace, I have been able to identify my own strengths and weaknesses. You have helped me see how my behaviour affects the responses I get from my colleagues, which in turn can affect my whole day and demotivate me. By changing my response to people here, I have noticed that their behaviour towards me has changed too. The impact of that is huge, and has given me endless confidence. I feel much more part of a team and much more valuable as a member of the company." 

Coaching Client

"Greg has opened a door (and perhaps a few windows!) for me to tap into my full potential." Coaching Client



 “Greg has been able to help me achieve in a very short period, a real shift in paradigm, knowledge, skill and attitude."

 Coaching Client.


"I really do think that our coaching is making a difference. I am already feeling more confident...I had forgotten what that was actually felt like." 

Coaching Client

"Only 4 months on and I am much more confident in myself, I have learnt how to see myself through ‘honest’ glasses, I am equipped with ‘tools’ to keep my confidence high and to stay in control of my own destiny. And I have also secured a promotion." Coaching Client



 "So far my journey with him has brought out positive behaviour that will lead me to my ultimate goals of self belief, being a better Mum and career progression. I know I have untapped potential that just needs the right activities to harness it and bring it forth. Greg is an essential part of the process I need to stay on track to meet my goals." 

Coaching Client


"For me, the coaching sessions have been invaluable. In a nutshell, I came to the sessions with the objectives of increasing my confidence in general, having confidence in my capabilities at work and working out where my career path should lead, or not lead as the case may be." 

Coaching Client.


The Business Case for Coaching

It’s not always obvious to see how coaching will provide a return on investment which is why it’s often restricted to senior leadership members only. Having worked with leaders and frontline staff alike, I believe that there is a business case for both to receive coaching.

Here are some specific examples of how coaching has enabled positive change:


Sales Person

Before: an erratic performer that sold low profit deals to ensure that they sign.

After: increased consistency and not only delivered target for the next 4 months but at higher profit by not offering needless discounts.


Business Coaching | Service Excellence











Sales Person

Before: attended only 1 customer meeting per quarter – had a fear of running out of things to say and being humiliated.

After: attended 6 meetings the following quarter and was able to start realising the value he brought, particularly when meeting in person. 

Senior Leader

Before: a people pleaser who was unable to make any time for himself, constantly over-committed, work/life balance was poor.

After: learned to say "no" in order to deliver commitments and his increased self-worth meant he didn't feel guilty. Got more family time.

 Personal Coaching | Coaching for Business Leaders


Sales & Business Coaching | Service Excellence

Account Manager

Before: disengaged and combative, had poor interactions with her team mates and disrupted the whole team dynamic.

After: increased self-awareness enabled better team interactions, and a healthier team dynamic enabled better productivity overall. 


Sales Director

Before: unaware of his impact on others but was genuinely caring and good hearted. Felt isolated, anxious and uneasy with his team who didn't trust him enough to provide feedback. 

After: once aware of how he came across to others and what was triggering an unhelpful pattern of behaviour he was able to apologise and adjust. His department adopted regular feedback sessions where people could be open and honest about anything that needed resolution. 





Coaching for Business | Business Leader Training

Account Manager

Before: despite being charismatic, excellently presented and commercially astute she lacked confidence to engage C-level contacts.  She struggled to develop strategic relationships and even lost key accounts to competition.

After: She delivered multiple presentations to senior level contacts to face her fears and build her confidence. The positive response was immediate from her customers and she now has no issue in picking up the phone to engage with and build networks at C-level.



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